McGuinness Institute resources

2014 – LongTermNZ: Exploring our long-term fiscal position booklet
Covers the process and methodology of the LongTermNZ workshop. Prepared by the McGuinness Institute.

2012/2013 Budget Expenditure Wheel – a graphic put together by the McGuinness Institute using data from the 2012/2013 Budget

2011 – Working Paper 2011/20: Foresight in New Zealand
Prepared by Wendy McGuinness for the International Conference on Strategic Foresight in National Government, held in Seoul on December 6–8, 2011

McGuinness Institute Blog – see our blog posts on the LongTermNZ workshop

Workshop resources

Click here to download exercise worksheets from the LongTermNZ workshop


Treasury Glossary – Glossary of terms used on the Treasury website and in Treasury and government publications.

Intern Glossary – Glossary of additional terms put together by the McGuinness Institute Interns

Treasury resources

2013 – University Challenge  – the Treasury is running an essay competition asking New Zealand university students to address some of the most important public policy issues facing the country. The writer of the best essay will receive $2,500 towards his or her university fees at a New Zealand university for 2014.

2009 – Challenges and Choices: New Zealand’s Long-term Fiscal Statement
The Treasury’s second and most recent long-term fiscal statement, prepared in 2009.

2006 – New Zealand’s Long-term Fiscal Position
The Treasury’s first long-term fiscal statement, prepared in 2006.

Working Paper 12/04 – Average Marginal Income Tax Rates for New Zealand 1907-2009
A history of income tax in New Zealand. See page 4 for a graph showing how the sources of government revenue have changed over time.

As part of work towards the next long-term fiscal statement, Treasury has established an External Panel of experts and commentators to test its thinking. A collection of papers prepared for this process, including short summaries of each Panel discussion, can be found here.

The Treasury has published the Higher Living Standards Framework, which identifies five key considerations for policy advice: economic growth, reducing macroeconomic vulnerability, sustainability for the future, growing social capital, and increasing equity. In choosing these five focus areas, the Treasury is moving the discussion from wealth in terms of dollars to wealth in terms of lifestyle.

Victoria University of Wellington resources

Affording our Future conference programme, papers, slides and speeches

List of speakers at the Affording our Future conference

Long-Term Fiscal External Panel

Other resources

Public Finance Amendment Act 2004 – this amendment required the Treasury at intervals ‘not exceeding 4 years’ to prepare a statement on the long-term fiscal position of New Zealand.

A Guide to the Public Finance Act – August 2005 – see page 37 for an explanation of the Act’s requirement for Long-term Fiscal Reporting

Hon Bill English – 26 July 2012 – Speech to the Australia New Zealand School of Government Annual Conference

Where did my taxes go? – A website based on data from the United States, showing how their tax dollars are spent.

Where are my taxes? – A New Zealand website, echoing the ‘Where did my taxes go?’ concept, based on 2012/2013 Budget data

Global Trends 2030 – Alternative Worlds: a publication of the National Intelligence Council