LongTermNZ was a five-day workshop where 27 young people were brought together to attend the Affording Our Future conference (10-11 December), and then spent three days workshopping the key issues raised at the conference. Teamed with three talented young designers, the group drafted a ‘Youth Statement on New Zealand’s Long-term Fiscal Position’ which put in their own words what they learnt and what they thought other youth in New Zealand need to know.

The participants reconvened in April 2013 to present their reflections to the Treasury. Their presentation included reactions of youth to the fiscal situation, possible options for the future and strategies for engaging youth.

This initiative is a collaboration between the Treasury, Victoria University, and the McGuinness Institute. To learn more about the process and methodology of the workshop, see Workshop paper 2014: LongTermNZ: Exploring our long-term fiscal position

About the Treasury

The Treasury is the Government’s lead advisor on economic, financial and regulatory policy. Its main functions are:

  • advising Ministers on economic and fiscal performance;
  • managing the financial affairs of the Crown;
  • helping the Government develop its overall strategy for State services;
  • monitoring the performance of state sector agencies; and
  • providing commercial policy advice and financial operations services.

About Victoria University

The Affording our Future conference is being co-hosted by the Chair in Public Finance in the Victoria Business School at Victoria University of Wellington, one of New Zealand’s leading universities.

The Chair in Public Finance is a joint venture between Victoria University of Wellington and four sponsoring institutions with an interest in public finance – PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Inland Revenue Department, the Treasury and the Ministry of Social Development. The Chair has been established to develop research in the area of public finance broadly defined, including social welfare issues, and to encourage debate and engagement with the public and private sectors on these issues, especially as they relate to policy.

About the McGuinness Institute

The McGuinness Institute is a privately funded, non-partisan think tank working towards a sustainable future, contributing strategic foresight through evidence-based research and policy analysis.